Why Choose Us?

Lawyers, by the very nature of their profession, must be good communicators. One of the most common complaints about lawyers is their failure to communicate in a timely fashion, or sometimes at all. At TNTL, you will always receive an email or call back from our lawyers or staff on any question, often within minutes of your inquiry. We are all approachable, professional, and here to help. Timely and frequent communication is emblematic of our practice at TNTL.

We also pride ourselves on our competency in the practice of tax law. Our tax lawyers and accountants bring years of specialized education and experience to your tax issue. Our experience was earned over years working with some of Western Canada’s most respected tax law and accounting firms.

Creativity is not a word people typically associate with Tax Lawyers. However, designing effective solutions to tax problems is a very creative process. We are constantly studying tax legislation and use the best available digital research and analysis tools. We take pride in creative tax solutions that strive to obtain the best possible result for our

Finally, and often most important for clients, is our approach to legal costs. The legal profession is going through a transitional period. Clients are no longer willing to accept costs based solely upon the “billable hour”. At TNTL, our approach to costs is based upon three principle considerations. Firstly, is our belief in transparency. Our clients each receive a written estimate/budget of our professional fees prior to our engagement. Invoices issued are detailed and include a listing of each task performed and disbursement charged. This transparency ensures our clients understand where their legal budget is being spent and why. Secondly, we believe that our professional fees must be tied to value. The benefit of the services provided to our clients must outweigh the cost irrespective of the amount of time and effort expended by our firm. Finally, we believe in efficiency in the provision of legal services. We use non-legal professionals to perform as many tasks as they are competent to do. This helps reduce the cost of the services that we provide to you. These principles of transparency, efficiency, and value, help ensure that our clients will be content with the professional fees charged during our engagement.