Why Choose a TaxNinja.ca Lawyer?

Although tax accountants and tax lawyers provide some similar services, there is one important characteristic which distinguishes your relationship with your tax lawyer from your tax accountant: Legal Privilege.

Legal Privilege protects all communications between a lawyer and his client for the purpose of providing legal advice. Those communications between you and your tax lawyer cannot be disclosed to the Canada Revenue Agency without your consent. This means that that you can communicate with us in confidence that it will never be seen by the Canada Revenue Agency. Legal Privilege also protects our review and analysis of your particular tax issue, which allows us to present a number of different options to you on a completely confidential basis.

Communications with, and work performed by, your accountant are NOT afforded the same legal protection. Any communication with your tax accountant can be intercepted by the Canada Revenue Agency during the course of a tax audit. Further, a tax accountant’s entire work product is subject to seizure and review by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Your tax lawyer at TaxNinja.ca considers protecting your privilege to be one of our most important functions. However, we also engage accounting consultants to perform accounting tasks which may be required during the course of our engagement. This ensures that our clients get the best of both worlds: the protection of Legal Privilege and competent third party accounting services.

In addition to our wealth of experience, the protection offered by legal privilege is one reason why you should choose a TaxNinja.ca lawyer as your trusted tax advisor.

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