Chad J. Brown

 Tax Lawyer

Chad has been licensed to practice law since 2001.  The first eight years of Chad’s practice he was employed by a large regional law firm practicing in many areas including commercial litigation, regulatory criminal defence, bankruptcy and tax.  Between 2008 and 2015 Chad was employed by a boutique law firm whose practice was restricted solely to taxation.  During that time, Chad developed a passion for representing Canadian taxpayers.

Chad has experience in corporate tax planning and has acted for numerous taxpayers during the acquisition or divestiture of owner-managed businesses.  Chad is frequently consulted by lawyers and Chartered Professional Accountants in order to provide tax opinions and transaction restructuring to minimize the tax implications of an impending purchase or sale.  Further, Chad has been frequently retained for personal tax and estate planning including the implementation of estate freezes and family trust structures.

Chad also has extensive experience in tax litigation and resolving tax disputes.  He has represented taxpayers in many civil cases with the Canada Revenue Agency and/or Provincial tax authorities.  Chad has appeared in various Provincial Courts, the Court of Queen’s Bench, Court of Appeal, Federal Court, Federal Court of Appeal and Tax Court of Canada passionately representing the interests of Canadian taxpayers.

A unique area of Chad’s practice is defending taxpayers charged with criminal tax offences including tax evasion, the filing of false or misleading returns, and other related offences under the Criminal Code, Income Tax Act, and Excise Tax Act.  Chad’s tax education and experience allows him to provide representation distinguishable from conventional criminal lawyers.  By applying his knowledge in tax law and regulation to criminal cases, Chad provides a unique perspective for clients facing these perilous legal threats.  Chad has defended many taxpayers in criminal court proceedings and has experience in evidence, criminal trial procedure, Charter applications, and other litigation tools necessary to protect a taxpayer’s rights and mount a successful defence.

Chad has also advised professional liability and other insurers on possible claims relating to the negligent implementation of tax planning by legal and accounting professionals.

In addition to his practice experience, Chad’s formal tax education includes completion of all three parts of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountant’s: In-Depth Tax Course and many other courses and seminars put on by the Canadian Tax Foundation.  Chad has lectured across Canada for the Canadian Tax Foundation on the topic of criminal tax evasion and has presented numerous seminars and papers on various tax topics relating to tax planning and tax disputes.  Chad prides himself on continually learning in order to keep on top of the fast changing practice of taxation law in Canada.

Chad represents taxpayers in many Canadian Provinces as a visiting lawyer pursuant to the National Mobility Agreement of the Federation of the Law Societies of Canada.

Some of Chad’s research publications include:

  • “Disqualifying Conflicts in Taxation Cases”, Canadian Tax Focus, Canadian Tax Foundation, November 2012

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  • “Death & Taxes”, Law Matters, Vol. 37, No. 1, Alberta Branch, Canadian Bar Association May 2012 Contact us today for a free confidential assessment of your tax issue.

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